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In a research study of patients who got Zovirax 400 milligrams twice daily for 3 years, 45 %, 52 %, as well as 63 % of patients continued to be without recurrences in the very first, second, and also third years, specifically.

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Testicular atrophy and also aspermatogenesis were observed in rats and dogs at greater dosage levels. c.) in rabbits and rats (11 to 22 and also 16 to 31 times human degrees, respectively) implantation effectiveness, however not litter size, was lowered. The mommy of a 4-month-old infant observed no damaging impacts in her breastfed baby while she was taking an acyclovir dosage of 800 milligrams orally 5 times daily.

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Crystallization of the medicine in kidney tubules is thought to be the system for the advancement of kidney disorder, based on searchings for of crystalluria in a number of case records and also a minimum of one prospective study.